Hiring the right roofing contractor

If you have examined the condition of your roof and think it’s time to hire a qualified roofing contractor for a roof replacement, here are some factors to consider before you sign the contract.

  • Estimate/cost: Did you receive a free written estimate detailing the contractor’s cost to the homeowner for specific work to be performed? are the payment provisions perfectly clear? do you understand how unforeseen expenses will be handled (such as repairs of broken sheathing discovered after tearing-off old shingles)?
  • Insurance: Ask to see a copy of proof of liability insurance, a copy of proof of worker’s compensation insurance, and make sure the contractor is bonded.
  • Warranties: Discuss the warranties on materials (provided by the roofing material manufacturer) and workmanship.
  • Debris: Ask how recycling or disposing or debris will be handled, especially for tear-off jobs. What type of protection is provided for your house (plywood or tarps for driveways, plants, etc. How will debris on gutters be handled?
  • Final inspection and callbacks: How will the final inspection be performed? Were provisions made for follow-up or callback procedures in case of any issue?