Here are some tips to help you maintain your roof in good shape:

  1. Do not paint or coat a roof in order to change its color.
  2. Keep roof surfaces and gutters clean for efficient water drain.
  3. Make sure no water from a downspout pours directly onto another section of the roof.
  4. Keep trees trimmed so branches don’t rub against the surface of the roof. The same applies to climbing plants, always trim them back from the roof.
  5. Remove ice and snow carefully using a broom with an extension pole. Never walk on a roof that is wet or covered in snow.
  6. Avoid walking on the roof, it’s never good for your shingles, so keep it to the minimum.
  7. Don’t pressure wash an asphalt shingle roof, the pressure will remove granules from the shingles and will take away years off the life of your roof.

When it comes to cleaning your roof and gutters, do not hesitate to call a professional if you feel uncomfortable to do the work yourself. Proper maintenance will not only keep your asphalt shingle roof looking great but will also prevent decay and premature aging.